Christian Street Photography? London photos through Christian Eyes (VIDEO)

During the 5 months off from updates on the Twelve Gates You TubeChannel I was busy starting a new project which I call Christian Street Photography. Basically taking photos of the world localised down to London level, but through Christian Eyes, making observations on the state of our world from a Christian Perspective.

This video is the first part of an ongoing project that could become a permanent feature. You could say a Christian with a Camera doing street photography but with a slight religious outlook. Not much information on this topic out there at present but this project is ongoing. The photos featured are mainly photo journalistic or social documentary in style photography with a smattering of some more arty style shots thrown into the mix.

Thousands of photos were taken over the five months but only a small percentage could be classed as Christian Street Photography, the first batch are featured in the following video.

Christian Street Photography? London photos through Christian Eyes (VIDEO)


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