Christian Discernment - Meaning and what does the Bible Say?

What is Discernment, often known as Spiritual Discernmemt? This video is in two parts. Firstly I state what it is, and give examples of Discernment in the Christian Faith and it's uses. Discernment is one of the gifts of the Spirit which I think is one of the most important almost vital, helping you to stay on the narrow way. Some personal experiences of discernment are also thrown into the mix.

The second part we look at Scripture and see what the Bible has to say about Discernment using Bible Software (KJV)

This video was shot in Ayot Green in Hertfordshire a few miles away from where I live.

Christian Discernment - Meaning and what does the Bible say? VIDEO

Tips on finding the best smaller Christian YouTube Channels

Trying to find good Christian You Tube Channels amongst the many thousands out there is a daunting prospect, but this video aims with these tips, to narrow your search down, right down to a maximum of a dozen or so. There are some real gems out there, but they often get buried by the flashier, larger and more worldly looking Christian channels that focus more on thrills rather than Christianity itself.

If you are looking for fellowship with other Christians, this is a good way to find fellow sheep, it can be time consuming, but when you find these channels you will realise when you find a real brother or sister, it is well worth the effort. As always, if you are in the Christian faith, let the spirit guide you to the right channels. Discernment is key

Tips on finding the Best Smaller Christian You Tube Channels (VIDEO)

A Few Words on Doomsday Predictions and Revelation Prophecy

With the End of the World being increasingly predicted, this video looks at some of the recent developments and gives commentary especially on the recently passed 23 September 2017 date and Sign of the Woman" as mentioned in Revelation 12.

Some views expressed on the David Meade prediction regarding 23 September 2017 and the Planet Nibiru, Planet X or Planet and how it relates to Bible Prophecy mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Some personal views and opinions about the times we are currently in are also expressed.

A Few Words on Doomsday Predictions and Revelation Prophecy (VIDEO)

Christian Street Photography? London photos through Christian Eyes (VIDEO)

During the 5 months off from updates on the Twelve Gates You TubeChannel I was busy starting a new project which I call Christian Street Photography. Basically taking photos of the world localised down to London level, but through Christian Eyes, making observations on the state of our world from a Christian Perspective.

This video is the first part of an ongoing project that could become a permanent feature. You could say a Christian with a Camera doing street photography but with a slight religious outlook. Not much information on this topic out there at present but this project is ongoing. The photos featured are mainly photo journalistic or social documentary in style photography with a smattering of some more arty style shots thrown into the mix.

Thousands of photos were taken over the five months but only a small percentage could be classed as Christian Street Photography, the first batch are featured in the following video.

Christian Street Photography? London photos through Christian Eyes (VIDEO)

Am I saved? How do I Know? (Video)

This video is a video response to a comment received at The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel which said "I think I'm Saved, I Think I'm Born Again but I'm not sure" I think this is a common problem out there that needs addressing, hence this video which gives examples of how you will probably not get "Saved". It also looks at what Scripture has to say about the process of being "Saved" especially the Book of Acts which was the dawn of the Church Age where the Spirit was working strongly in those times.

I think I'm Saved but I'm not Sure? VIDEO

The latest News from The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel Nov 2017

The latest news from The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel. After being away for over 5 months, what has been happening while I have been away and what will be happening on The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel with regards to video content and update.

The Twelve Gates blog here at also hasn't been updated for 5 or so months, but new articles will be appearing over the next few weeks, but not at the frequency and intensity of the past. The design of the blog will also be changing over time along with a increase in  variety of  content.

Watch the video below for further details and watch for further news!

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