Welcome to The Twelve Gates. This website has been created as a result of the unprecedented events taking place in our world today and the increasing amount of interest out there on what is happening to our world.

This is a purely text based website (apart from the intro page) with the odd photo with links to media such as news, photos and pictures.

We are living in a time of rapid change, increasingly apocalyptic events and a world which seems to be getting madder and  darker by the day as lights of hope disappear one by one. Even those who do not believe such things, they are starting to question what is going on in our world and are seeking answers.

The Twelve Gates aims to be a much needed bright light in that darkness!

The End Of The World has been predicted for centuries, with the Second World War, The Rise of Hitler, The Holocaust and the dropping of the A bomb being significant apocalyptic events that potentially signalled the end times but nothing materialized. Ever since then dates have been predicted such as Y2K, The Mayan Apocalypse, Harold Camping, with again nothing materialising with people making such predictions being looked upon as heretics, madmen and lunatics. September 2015 being a case in point although behind the scenes I think many things happened that month which will gradually unfold in the coming months and years ahead. Indeed they are happening now if you know where to look!

In our modern times nobody can deny the increasingly strange and violent weather, rise of  world conflicts, the gradual break down of modern day morals and society, erosion of civil rights and privacy, increasing one world or New world Order politics, strange planetary activity, the rise of Big Brother, emerging new untreatable diseases, the re-emergence of old ones, mass migration of nations never seen in modern times. All this with that growing unease in the air that "something is coming" and it's something extraordinary. Only a tiny fraction of these things can be explained away by the "El Nino" effect or by any scientific reasoning, but there is increasing strong correlation to events prophesised thousands of years ago by many holy people.

The Twelve Gates is part prophetic news, part meteorology, part astronomy, part science the exact opposite of religion but an over riding mainly spiritual with a christian perspective stance. It aims to raise awareness in a refreshing way in all these areas, it's designed for believers and non believers alike. It's quite simply a wake up call.

I personally think that we are in the period referenced in the bible as "The Beginning of Sorrows" which is mentioned in Matthew 24:8-13. This is the precursor to the event known as The Great Tribulations mentioned in the Book of Revelations the final book in the Holy Bible which catalogues the horrific events which will happen in the "End Times". Also the second coming. It's the only rational explanation that explains everything.

Without doubt I feel very strongly (and I'm not alone) that we are entering into these "End Times" hence the creation of this website. If we are, then this website will help you to prepare for this global event and will make you realise there is only ONE way you will survive the monumental events that are heading our way. If we are not then nothing is lost.

The founder of this website is none of the Ps as in a Prophet, Pastor, Priest or Preacher. I'm not a Minister with a Ministry or some strange religious cult follower. I'm not looking to what non believers call "Bible Bash" there are enough websites out there concerning the Bible and Christianity that do a fantastic job and run by people who have been in the faith many years that have way more authority than a newcomer like myself. Bible quotes will appear here and on Social Media when the situation arises but not in overwhelming amounts but they are necessary to drive the point home.

There will be no predictions or date fixing on what is definetly coming our way. I don't know, nobody on this planet knows, anybody that says they do is without a doubt a False Prophet, and there are plenty of those in these dark times. Maybe the world leaders in politics and religion know, but if they do, it will not be made public knowledge for obvious reasons. Only one person knows and he doesn't work to our worldy timetables.

This is a not for profit website, no adverts, no buy my ebook promotions, no buy 7 years food supply here promos. Just the truth to help you decide what you have to do. If you've landed on this website I don't think it's by accident. Likewise it's no accident that my recent extraordinary journey has led to me closing successful websites to create this one.

If you are lost, hopefully this website will help you find your way in the inceasing darkness and bring the light of hope into your life.

May you be blessed.

The Twelve Gates. The Time is Near.

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12 Gates. Information on the 12 Gates of Nehemiah after which this website was named.

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