The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel News

The Upcoming You Tube Channel News

News on The Twelve Gates You Tube channel, what to expect in content terms, when it will be going live with regard to updates, update frequency and everything else You Tube related.

You Tube as everybody knows is a fantastic what I would call sound and vision social media platform that when used correctly hits you between the eyes and gets whatever message you have across to the intended audience in no uncertain terms.

The Twelve Gates at You Tube aims

The Twelve Gates Website Launch News

The Twelve Gates website launch news

The latest news for The Twelve Gates Website which is launched today 27 November 2015.

With a recent rapid acceleration in worldwide events the launch date of this website has been brought forward a few weeks earlier as a result. If the world may have passed you by the last few weeks take a look at the latest Tweets at The Twelve Gates Twitter page. If you think the world is business as may need to think again?

Mass Animal Deaths Worldwide. Is there an explanation?

Mass Animal Deaths Wordlwide. What is the explanation?

Animals on land, sea and air are dying in increasingly large numbers, it seems to be becoming more frequent in 2015. Fingers seem to be pointing at pollution and pesticides in all these areas being the main cause. Climate change, Disease, Pathogens and El Nino are  also being cited as a contributory factor. Toxic waste is yet another. More bizarre causes cited for the deaths include: a result of UFOs, government tests, or even secret weapons. The death levels are so high what would normally take thousands of years to wipe out and make a species extinct, at the current rate would take merely years for this extinction to take place.

This article concerning recent antelope deaths is a case in point. Information courtesy Live Science

It's affecting all species,

Increased Earthquake Activity. Fact or Fiction?

Is Earthquake activity on the rise?

Earthquakes on planet earth have happened since the dawn of time and earthquake activity when charted does show some vague pattern with cycles emerging. You could say earthquake activity is cyclical in nature. Certain parts of the world sees more activity than others on a regular basis as a result of being located on or near tectonic plates which form all around the earths crust.

Recently though, certainly in the last decade there has been a huge increase almost a spike in earthquake activity, you could say going off the chart beyond the normal patterns or cycles that have shown up in the past. Even the complete doubters out there have to admit the charts tell a frightening story.

Some scientific explanations as usual

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