The Twelve Gates

The Twelve Gates website why it is named as such? It is named after The Twelve Gates mentioned in the Bible in the New TestamentThe Book of Revelation 21:21 and also in the Book of  Nehemiah.

Revelation 21:21

And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; every several gate was of one pearl: and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass. KJV

Each gate represents an experience which we are called to go through in order to bring forth the change determined by the Lord. Upon entering in through each gate, each one will have a testimony regarding that gate or dealing. The exact order one goes through each gate may well vary but the twelth gate is the climax as we take our journey beginning at the SHEEP GATE all the way to the PRISON GATE.

THE SHEEP GATE (Gate No.1) Nehemiah 3:1 Through this gate of Jerusalem the shepherds brought their flocks to the safety of the folds within the city’s walls. The denomination pens are a place of security for the flocks. Sheep not led by someone with greater experience, authority and wisdom will certainly stray and go their own way. We were as sheep without a shepherd, but now the Lord Jesus Christ is our Shepherd who has laid down His life for us that we might follow Him as He leads us on to maturity. God’s mercy and grace will teach us to know conviction, repentance and forgiveness. We will not only become ‘believers’ but, hopefully, ‘believing-believers’! . . . believing what God has said about Himself and also what He has said about us. Assurance and the ‘cross-principle’ will be evident in our daily walk. We will no longer find ourselves under the demands of the law because as His sheep we have been redeemed from those demands. We now start the process of being saved in every area of our lives by His Life provided within His blood. My sheep hear My voice, Jesus said. The cry now deposited within each sheep is that we might really and truly hear Him speak to us . . . that still, small voice within.

THE FISH GATE (Gate No.2) Nehemiah 3:3 When ‘fish’ is mentioned in the scriptures, it connects with two major links. Fish are a provision of food for we certainly need to grow. Fish also symbolizes a people with a special calling who will be involved in feeding the hungry. Remember the 153 great fish that gave up their ‘lake-life’ became separate from their brethren in order to be food for the hungry (John 21). [That special number is unveiled in re-think No.30]. Jesus told us to be ‘fishers of men’ ... Is not our Father the greatest Fisherman of men? This Fish Gate also points towards the need to feed on the Living Word (Christ Jesus) thus becoming a witness of all that flows from Him ‘24/7’!

THE OLD GATE (Gate No.3) Nehemiah 3:6 ‘Old’ speaks of that which is past. It also speaks of that which is solid and unchangeable like a foundation. There are many things labelled ‘old’ that need renewing as well as many things that are ‘old’ that should be discarded... and quickly! Some ‘old’ things can be revived In section called KINGDOM FOUNDATIONS 2 and we call that ‘revival’! ... but many ‘revivals are trying to renew that which has past away! God does not change but His ways of accomplishing change progress. Isaiah 55:8 ... we desire to know His thoughts over and above ours’. For example:- the old testament Tabernacle that Moses erected in the wilderness is a parable for today as we begin to experience each part of which that tabernacle pointed towards. Similarly the three major feasts of Israel also depict the progressive dealing that the Lord is working in those He is apprehending ... every man in his own order. There are therefore things old and new in God’s people of this hour. Most certainly your ‘old man’ must be replaced by the new man, Christ then you will be a new creation and all unwanted old things shall pass away. There is always more positive expressions of God’s grace than the ‘valley’ you might feel you are going through. This gate will have you check up on your foundations that make up Christ Who is you true foundation.

THE VALLEY GATE (Gate No.4) Nehemiah 3:13 This valley gate would be at the low point in the terrain around the city. It speaks of where we humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God and learn in experience that Christ is my life and that He doesn’t wish to share the throne of your with you! It is also the place of growing ... not much in the way of growth comes from the mountains! There are the high places in our walk and testimony and remember, it takes two mountains to form a valley. As Psalm 23 declares, the valley is something you walk through. Do not stop and dwell in those dealings but rejoice in the Light that produces the shadow! The ‘old’ testament acts as a sort of foundation to the new testament provided that one does not try to literally reproduce the old in any form. The fruit of the Spirit will be the evidence that you have been through the dealings of God in relation to this gate. This then points directly to whether or not Jesus Christ within you is truly Lord! The ‘battles’ of the valley scenario have already been won by Christ at Calvary ... faith enters the picture to believe such and walk in the effect of such a provision.

THE DUNG GATE (Gate No.5) Nehemiah 3:14. It is recorded that Jesus ran just once and that was when He cleaned up the temple. The rubbish out of your temple leaves you through this gate just as the waste from Jerusalem went to the dump via this gate. The traditional religious Church systems from man-made efforts need to have a cleansing and this gate awaits them all. All the filth of our ‘city’, just like the seven nations of Canaan which had to be removed to allow the purposes of God to come forth, bitterness, fear, pride, religiosity, lust, stubbornness and rebellion — every last vestige of these filthy bits of ‘dung’ must go. ‘Dung’ is all that is left over from yesterday’s manna! Old teachings have given up their nutrition and now need to be discarded. When grace starts to replace law in your walk, then the letter-law becomes dung and out it goes. Overcome evil with good .. push out all items that do not produce life with those that do. The dung gate also represents the incorrect image that folk have of themselves (answer this: Are you a sinner or a saint?) and even of God Himself. So without quoting (parrot-fashion) scriptures, what is your God really like?

THE GATE OF THE FOUNTAIN (Gate No.6) Nehemiah 3:15 The fountain gate is put before the water gate ... and one cannot have a fountain with- 3 out water! Water relates to the ‘word’. A fountain speaks of water under some pressure to be seen ... thus this gate speaks of the moving of the Spirit of God on a person to reveal Himself to them. One’s conversion is likened to a well of water springing up into everlasting life. God so spoke to your heart that you were compelled to open up to Him. Following on from this there is the baptism in the Holy Spirit which we see in out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. Such gentle pressure by the Spirit to bring you through to these releases of Himself is most certainly a fountain of life beginning to flow from within you. The baptism in the Holy Spirit is so essential for sustained growth and progress in Christ-Jesus. Oh yes, it includes speaking in tongues (Bear in mind that God has recorded around 17 reasons why He desires you to speak in tongues ... speak in the Spirit) and also to move in the nine gifts of the spirit and mature into being a part of the nine ministries of the Spirit which of course, will include praying in the spirit. This gate checks up on your full surrender to the Lordship of Christ within. If any rebellion remains through fear, then back to the dung gate you must go!

THE WATER GATE (Gate No.7) Nehemiah 3:26 Water starts with a well and gets released to form a river then rivers! Water is used for life (drinking) and washing our thinking ... water primarily speaks of the living word as Ephesians 5:26 says, the Church is cleansed by the washing of water by the word. This gate is the constant challenge for each one of us to hear what God is saying with His word and a checkup as to how much we truly believe .. with our hearts not just our heads! This water gate will lead you to be come enthralled with what God has done and get excited with what He is doing now. Be established in present truth. The letter-word of what God said and did must become the living-word in you revealing more and more His life in you. The Spirit desires to teach us ALL things including how to read the scriptures and hear His indwelling voice unveil His secrets to those who have ears to hear!

THE HORSE GATE (Gate No. 8) Nehemiah 3:28 The ‘horse’ in the word always speaks of discipline, strength, endurance and speed. The horse that is not ‘broken’ is not of too much use! When discipline has been worked into its life, a man can ride on him, the horse can pull a cart or chariot and be an asset to any group. The one who is used to ‘break’ the horse has a special relationship with it. The horse will know the voice of the one that cares and feeds it. God will develop each one of us to be strong, be quick to obey and go wherever He sends and basically be strong for others. We as a horse will know intimately his Master ... learning to recognize His voice and be always ready to do His bidding. The horse-gate dealing of God in our lives will develop our discipline via a sincere willingness to please Him. It concludes with the fact that before God you no longer have any rights! For me to live is Christ and to die out to self is gain! O that I might know Him ... was Paul’s cry, is it yours?

THE EAST GATE (Gate No.9) Nemehiah 3:29 ‘East’ speaks of where a new day begins for us. By innuendo it speaks of yesterday being gone and God’s new purposes coming forth. The sun appears over the horizon to warm the earth and give light to creation. In Genesis chapter one we are given the seven new days depicting God’s great plan of the ages. Each day was new to the day that was ... this 4 whole week of new days is like a contents list of His dealing in you and I. Looking east carries with it an expectation of something new. God has promised to do a ‘new thing’ in these last days. Please note that if a thing is ‘new’ then it has not been seen before... so folks, please don’t try to resurrect nay yesterdays! The east gate speaks of focussing on the light with a spirit-induced expectation of what the Lord will accomplish through His people this day. In the initial coming forth of Jesus (Matthew 2:2) we are told that the wise men saw His star in the east and they followed it. Now we know that his first coming patterns for us His second coming! Do you see His star in the east? Do you see the signs that He is here within His saints? If not, you must be void of wisdom! Jesus came in the form of a babe and now He comes in the form of a corporate mature man! Are you a part of this ‘new man’ who is in a new covenant having a new song (revelation()) in their heart and drunk with new wine of His reality here and now?

THE GATE MIPHKAD (Gate No.10) Nehemiah 3:31 The name ‘miphkad’ means assignment, appointment or numbering. What were you ‘saved’ for? What is your assignment from the Lord. Each one of us is in an ‘order’ with a part to fulfill in God’s great plan. God’s people do not get everything all at once together as we have been taught. God has an assignment ... His will ... for each — we are appointed to a position and it is over to us to open up and walk in it. Have you a revelation to what you have been called? Are included in the firstfruits company of overcomers? This gate of Miphkad is for us to be numbered among those who know who they are and why they are here at this time in this tangible realm called earth. Miphkad continuously reminds of our obligation to overcome the world, the flesh and the devil within our thinking and receive the appropriate promises. ‘Come up higher’ John was told in the book of Revelation having just completed the overcoming steps. The throne of God where Christ is and we are in Him is the vision God has brought forth a remnant for. Such a revelation will release the faith, wisdom and understanding to experience that great provision of Calvary.

THE GATE OF EPHRAIM (Gate No. 11) Nehemiah 8:16 Here we have a gate with a name of a person or tribe. The meaning of the word ‘Ephraim’ is double-fruit and speaks of the first-born who receive a double portion of the inheritance as Elisha did via Elijah. Joseph of old was Ephraim’s father and his life depicted the double portion experience for he was the firstborn of Jacob and Rachel. Joseph had the promise and went through all the processings to see the vision fulfilled. The double-portion is given to the firstborn at the time they are adopted of the Father. Jesus as the Pattern-Son will become even more alive to us. Doubly blessed with the mind of Christ and the Life to express all that He is. The man-child made up of overcomers will progress or grow into the fullness of Christ which is like inheriting the promised land... the kingdom of God. What glorious provision has been given to us via the cross!

THE PRISON GATE (Gate No.12) Nehemiah 12:39 This last gate is like the epitome of our experiences with Christ. Remember how it was at the end of his life that Paul referred to himself as ‘A prisoner of the Lord Jesus Christ’? A prisoner does not have a will of his own for he can only do what the Jailer decides. ‘Not my 5 will be done, but Thine’ was the example that Jesus gave us. We will experience going through this gate when we know that we have been apprehended (arrested) by Christ-Jesus. A prisoner always has a broken and a contrite heart and walking with such, will find himself being changed from glory to glory into the image of God’s Firstborn. John was a prisoner on the Isle of Patmos and it was there that he came forth with such revelation from the heart of God. Remember that in the parable of Joseph back in Genesis ... as a type and pattern ... went from the prison to the throne. No prison experience will lead to no throne experience. Being a prisoner declares that one is truly free! The liberty of being in Christ will lead you to experiencing the jubilee receiving again all that was lost in Eden. What a glorious conclusion to the unchangeable plan of God spread over the ages.

SUMMARY This brief look at the twelve gates that the Lord had Nehemiah record just touches the ‘headlines’ of God’s dealings with each because of His love for each. Having passed through these twelve gates, one can now reckon that they are a part of the city of God ... the New Jerusalem. The Kingdom of God will have a corporate Christ-King and the Kingdom will be entirely His. Last thought ... there is a creation out there waiting for the sons of God to come forth into full maturity so that they can be the vehicles whereby creation is set free ... for they are a prisoner of the carnal mind that Adam bequeathed them ... they have not yet learned that Christ has set them free. Every man will learn in his own order. Praise the Lord. §


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