Jesus and The Seven Words on the Cross.

Jesus and The Seven Words on the Cross

This is a spiritual article taking a closer look at the seven words on the cross said whilst Jesus was on the Cross. Good Friday marks the day when Jesus was crucified on the cross to save us from our sins because of his love for us. He was crucified at Calvary between two common criminals and suffered a miserable end which is recalled on the Holy Day called Good Friday. The most important day of the Year in the Christian Calendar, which gives rise to the Easter Weekend and the lead up to this time is called “The Holy Week”. The picture above is different from what you normally see about Jesus on the cross, this one is an arty charcoal like drawing, but the message is ultimately the same. No supporting video for this article. Doesn't really need one!

This article analyses the words said by Jesus during those final hours. Information is taken from various respectable sources from the net, but as with everything in the bible the interpretation is alwayso pen to debate and I do not claim to be an authority on such matters.

The Jesus Crucifixion Scene from the 1961 Film "Barabbas" actually filmed during an Eclipse" Video 

As miserable as his death was, going by the way of Crucifixion which was a death reserved for

Survival Stories: People, Bibles and other Religious Objects Surviving the Unthinkable

Survival Stories including People, Bibles and Religious Objects

This article takes a closer look at miraculous survival stories, those real life changers that make even the most hardened atheist start to think. This looks not only at human survival stories but holy objects as well, such as crosses, Mary and Jesus statues and bibles and other religious artefacts such as Rosaries. This article merely scratches the surface of this subject, it's a huge topic, some future articles going into more detail on each topic mentioned here may appear in the future. At present there is no follow up video to this article on The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel, due to the subject matter concerned. There may be one in the future. Stacks of links in this article that would probably take a day to go through properly!

A bible quote from the Old Testament sums up this survival scenario regarding Daniel and the "fiery furnace":

Daniel 3:27
And the princes, governors, and captains, and the king's counsellors, being gathered together, saw these men, upon whose bodies the fire had no power, nor was an hair of their head singed, neither were their coats changed, nor the smell of fire had passed on them.

Survival stories are numerous, always capture the imagination and they happen too often for them to be merely lucky coincidences. Car

Tornadoes and their Biblical tendencies?

Tornadoes and their Biblical Tendencies

A delve into the world of Tornadoes also called Twisters. These occur globally but are renowned for forming in the US in the media termed "Tornado Alley". This article takes an in depth look at Tornadoes of various shapes and sizes, admires their sinister beauty and raw destructive force which can verge on catastrophic at times when they are at their most powerful. It's not just the awe inspiring sight of these wind vortexes that fascinates, for me personally it's the path of destruction that they take and how sometimes entire neighbourhoods will be flattened for miles, but for some miraculous reason one house or other object is left untouched and still standing amidst the trail of destruction. Why to this day is a complete baffler even to the worlds leading scientists? Hence the title of this article "Tornadoes and their Biblical tendencies".

This article just like last weeks article on Asteroids and Meteors will have a supporting video which will be released over the weekend over at The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel. A link will also appear in this article. UPDATE VIDEO LINK via The Twelve Gates at You Tube

My definition of a Tornado or Twister is

Fireballs, Meteorites, Meteors and Asteroids. Are they on the increase?

Are Fireball sightings on the increase?

This article takes a closer look at Fireballs, Meteorites Meteors and Asteroids which are all variations on a similar theme. These again have been around since the dawn of time and this article has come about because it just seems that these incidents are on the increase and an asteroid called 2013 TX68 is due to fly by in the next couple of days.. Thought it worth delving a bit deeper.

Are the events of say the last couple of years something to be concerned about, is it fact or has technology made it easier to catch these happenings of the cosmos, or is something else really going on? The fact that the last ice age is supposed to have been brought about by one of these objects impacting/colliding with our planet means that the threat is there and may not be as far fetched as people make out. Maybe not just the stuff of Hollywood films, they are out there, and we are seeing them increasingly, all shapes and all sizes. When you delve deeper into this topic you realise how lucky we have been to not be hit by one of these on a monthly or yearly basis. This article is part scientific and part general observation and part biblical prophecy analysis. It's not an end of the world prediction it's more aimed at increasing awareness of these space objects.

Firstly what is the definition and difference between Fireballs,

The Twelve Gates News March 2016

The Twelve Gates News March 2016

The latest news from The Twelve Gates including the website, Twitter social media and the NEW You Tube Channel. What's happening and future plans.

1. Behind the Scenes Technical Issues

Having problems with my mobile at present hence the erratic updates. Being looked into, basically the battery is fine but was run down to totally flat the other day and now will not accept a charge and just keeps booting up, stopping the reboot and then shutting down. As per ususal it's just outside the 12 month guarantee but way off the end of a 24 month contract. Hope to resolve this issue by the end of the week. In the meantime updates will be as and when.

2. The Website

The Twelve Gates website has had a recent change of design, still minimalist with the focus on content rather than loads of distracting in your face things going on. The design is similar to the previous one but is a bit more social media friendly with the ability to retweet an article

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