Music Videos with Religious Symbolism and Lyrics

Music Videos with Religious Symbolism?

An in depth article taking a closer look at mainstream and Indie music videos that feature a religious theme (obvious and hidden) and christian iconography.

This is a look in the opposite direction of the Illuminati in the Entertainment Industry article posted recently that as predicted proved incredibly popular, hence this one.

This article sets out to prove there is some good in the entertainment industry but you just have to search a bit harder for it. Here we move away from the Occult and Satanism and it's associated symbolism and into more of the Religious/Christian symbology and lyrics realm. We'll take a look at lyrics of some music from the past and present from various Genres from some of the major names in music and also see what symbolism and lyrics are used. I'll leave the why for you to figure out. The interpretation just like a painting is down to the individual.

You will notice with most of these music videos that the stars are not stripping off, there is no rampant occult symbolism, hypnotic dance routines, the in your face energy levels are turned down a few notches, things are vibing on a deeper level here, waters that run way way deeper, these are songs that contain the truth and have no hidden agenda and appeal more to a deep down human level as in your soul. You could say some may have some sort of "rock your very foundations" and life changing qualities about them. These are the sort of songs that even played decades from now never lose their power. Some songs will make you laugh

The Atheist Vs The Christian. Who is right?

The Atheist V The Christian?

The Atheists Vs The Christian. Another one of those infernal battles of what initially looks to be polar opposites, but do they have more in common than we think. One of my favourite topics. It is an absolute minefield, many advise not to even start going down this road it's a road to nowhere or a road to maybe a total loss in faith, exactly why I've dived in head first, I'm confident that the Atheist arguments will not have a dent on my faith! So who is right if anybody?

Before we start I am a Christian (new and born again) but I have the utmost respect for Atheists being a former rebel, love to hear their views and hear them out. Some of the most intelligent people on this planet are Atheists, but then a lot of highly intelligent people are Christians as well. This is a blog post where I let the Atheist have his day, a complete open ended article, you decide who is right and who is wrong.

The Atheist is a non believer, doesn't believe in God, is not religious and believes only in things that have a scientifically proven or rational explanation that we can see with our own eyes. Everything else is rubbish or false.

The Christian is a believer of Jesus Christ and God, is religious and only needs spiritual proof

Good Vs Evil. The classic power struggle?

Good V Evil. The classic power struggle?

The classic debate of what is Good and what is Evil. What's the difference? Is there a difference. How can you tell? If you are Evil can you become Good  and vica versa. Is the battle external as in all around us or is it inside the human psyche, conscious or otherwise such as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde . Are people born evil or good as in is it Genetic. Examples of Evil and Good in Hollywood Film and even advertising. Taking things to the extreme does Evil and Good actually exist or is everything neutral in our world and is only coloured by our preconceptions, society, religious or cultural brainwashing or even just a figment of our imaginations..........we actually live a a place that is utopia? We'll take a look at all these different views.

In my humble opinion there is a spiritual warfare going on in the world in these modern times between what I cal

The Illuminati in the Entertainment Industry. Is it real?

Katy Perry and One Eyed Symbolism

This is Part 2 of an in depth look at whether the Illuminati or Secret Society are myth or fact. This article will move on from the introduction, history, how it works, symbolism in everyday modern life and how it features in the corporate world and move straight into the whacky and bizarre world of the entertainment industry. It's a monster.

It will include what I saw as a Celebrity Photographer, the pervasiveness of satanic symbolism in the Music and Film Industry, some personal views on the Illuminati and other Occultic sects, some examples of how it appears in direct and indirect form. Also whether you believe in the Occult or not is totally irrelevant, there are people out there that very much believe in it and use it's power. It's out there, and it 's real, I'm talking from personal experience!. This article will require an extremely open mind, it's not your normal everyday stuff, and if you are a celebrity fanatic, or of a closed mind "this is garbage" or "conspiracy theory" mentality........................ then I suggest you stop reading now!

Still here? I was involved

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