Exposing False Prophets, Religious False Teachers & Mega Churches

Exposing False Prophets and False Teachers

Exposing the truth and an in depth look at the rise and rise of the False Preacher, False Prophets and Mega Churches and their associated culture. The Bible in the Book of Revelations warns that in the End Times there will be many deceptions and many false teachings and False Prophets. It warns us to test the Spirit.

But what is a False Prophet or False Teacher?
These are people that appear to be in the Christian Faith, appear to have Christian Values, they may even have prominent positions in Religious establishments such as Churches or other such institutions, but their teachings tend to be of the "ear tickling" variety preaching what is called "The Wide Gate and the Broad Way" Prosperity Gospel.

Some views from the owner of this website on self proclaimed False Prophets that appear on various websites across the Net

The most well known False Prophets, False Religious Teachers and False Mega Preachers have large ministries and followings and commonly have what are called Mega Churches which can be football stadium in size. These types tend to be very charismatic, charming, overly nice on the surface, can be angelic looking, softly spoken in interviews and most importantly they tell you what you want to hear and "Twist" the word to achieve that objective often without you realising. Their agenda

Is a Super Volcano eruption imminent. Luxury Preppers seem to think so?

Is a Super Volcano eruption imminent?

Volcanoes and Volcanic activity have  made the headlines especially lately in 2016. This article takes a closer look at Volcanoes, especially the threat of Super Volcanoes, their destructive history, is there mega activity in 2016 and what's going on behind the scenes in the luxury Prepper stakes with the worlds elite. Is their increased interest in remote bunkers?

2016 has been pretty much a continuation of 2015 with extreme weather and natural disasters dominating the headlines with El Nino being cited as the reason for most of these catastrophic occurrences. In the first half of 2016, Volcanoes have been more active than recently, this phenonenom seems to be accelerating as we speak and Scientists and experts agree something is going on. Classic volcano names such as Mt Etna in Italy and Mt St Helens are springing back into life and making the headlines again and the term "Volcano Swarms" also seems to be surfacing. The term "swarms" is a similar expression

The Breakdown of Society. What is causing it?

The Breakdown of Modern Society. What is the cause?

An in depth look at modern day society and how things seem to be breaking down in quite a spectacular fashion in these  troubled times. Recently things seem to be accelerating at a frightening rate. The question is, what's causing this?, why is it happening?, why is it accelerating?, can anything be done about it?, and what does the future hold? Also in which countries is it more prevalent? or is it a global thing?

This article has come about as I result of the things I've seen on my Twitter Feed, certain You Tube channels I frequent, News Online, On TV and in the free papers and general day to day conversations and just walking down the road. I know what I'm seeing is being noticed by many others. Some people

The Orwellian Cashless society is getting closer? My personal experience!

The 100% total cashless society is getting closer everyday and is nearer than we think. We live in a constantly monitored world with CCTV cameras, electronic payments, internet browsing snooping, phone habits analysed, emails scrutinised, even your TV can listen to what you are saying in your own home......everything is monitored in one shape or form. The cashless society is another move towards that Orwellian Big Brother or New World Order (NWO) scenario and  the fulfilment of the 2030 Agenda. The cashless society is an important one.

This article is with a UK bias and is personal in nature. I mostly

Is it worth Prepping for Doomsday or the End of the World?

Is it worth Prepping for the End of the World?

Enter the strange and wonderful world of Prepping, Preppers and Preparedness made popular by the Reality TV show "Doomsday Preppers". This is a huge topic, I confess I'm no expert but I know more than the average person, but this article merely skims the surface. DYOR is the best advice here. This is a follow on article from the "Modern Day Society is just 72 hours away from Anarchy"

Are you ready for when Doomsday or the End of the World finally arrives. The question

Modern Day Society is perpetually just 72 hours away from Anarchy!

Society is perpetually 72 hours away from Anarchy?

This is a Free Range article and is about Modern Day Society and how we are 72 hours away from Anarchy.............just 72 hours!. It's not an article about Extreme Weather or Natural Disasters. It's not even an article about modern politics, New World Order, End Times News, Biblical Prophecy, Spirituality, Religion or Christianity. It's not about any events going on in the Cosmos, it's not even based on the latest Scientific discoveries. It's not about Prepping or any similar topic.

This article is not based on predictions, forecasts, advanced computer modelling

Wildfires and their devastating effect. The facts

The devastating effects of Wildfires

An in depth look at the recent increase in uncontrolled outdoor fires called wildfires around the world that have reached apocalyptic or biblical levels in recent times over the last few years or so. What's causing them, are they actually on the increase, is El Nino to blame, what can be done to control them if anything , or whether as with all the recent world events it's just business as usual around the world?

The recent Alberta Canada Wildfires that started May 2016 illustrate the fact that wildfires in my opinion seem to be getting worse and are a natural disaster force to be reckoned with. Australia a continent renowned

Near Death Experiences. How do you know when you are dead?

Near Death Experiences?

On Ascension Thursday this is a topic that has some relevancy.  It's a Spiritual one. This question I was asked a couple of weeks ago whilst having a chat that strayed into Religion (not on my part) in McDonalds with somebody I see on a regular basis. I seem to have an increasing amount of these sorts of strange conversations these days. It's a bit of a morbid one but probably something that we all think about at some stage in our lives. The question was this (exact words) "When you're dead, do you know you're dead?". I've had some near death experiences (read my Testimonial)  but haven't actually died and come back

The Twelve Gates News May 2016

The Twelve Gates News May 2016

A quick latest news update for The Twelve Gates for May 2016 covering the Website, Twitter and You Tube and other new associated websites.

The Website: All change at The Twelve Gates Website. Now has a new look with a different navigation and more items in the right sidebar that lead you to different places on the website or to the other Twelve Gates Websites over at Wordpress or Tumblr.  The old design was not going down well with Google at all but this new one seems to be getting the thumbs up from the Google Bots.

All the personal stuff now has links at the bottom of the website along with contact details. This new design is currently just in a basic text format, but under the hood has the potential and options contained within it to totally transform the look and feel of The Twelve Gates website, which will make it more visually attractive, even easier to get around for new and existing website visitors. This is still being played around with at present. The website may just stay as it is mainly text, or it maybe the new turbocharged in your face format may be adopted. The new design is fully tablet and mobile friendly and compatible.

Post count is being increased from 1 a week to 2 a week (excluding after bank holidays). Articles come out Thursday or Friday. Looking at a possible doubling again in the months ahead if there is increased interest with some added news, items produced here as opposed to via external sources!

Social Media share buttons are now located at the bottom of each place if you wish to share the Article on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit etc. Also  5 related posts appear at the bottom of each article as well either random or random and related for further reading.


Changes over at the Twelve Gates YouTube Channel. The focus from now on will be more on topic related videos that run as backups to the main Blog article over at The Twelve Gates website. These topic focused videos are getting many times more views than the monthly news vids. Not sure whether it is the videos and topics themselves or the music, maybe both. Either way some videos are getting a couple of thousand views in a short period of time (many more than the monthly news vids) without any promotion on my part or via You Tube, which for a new channel is not bad at all.

Therefore it has been decided to drop the Monthly Prophetic News Watch. A couple of hundred views over a number of weeks for these videos means a thumbs down, hence why there has been no May 2016 Prophetic News Watch. Still looking at doing some different formats for videos maybe some commentary on the latest news, or maybe Prophetic News on a Weekly basis as most of the competition out there seem to do. Watch for further news and developments on that.

Updates at You Tube come out late on Friday or early on Saturday.


The Twelve Gates Twitter is now moving pretty much away from the mainstream media and featuring more alternative news (as basically that's what The Twelve Gates website is) from respected sources, but the mainstream media still features as and when, just less so than in the past. A lot of the subject matter that this website is interested in, doesn't even register at times with the mainstream media, but is incredibly interesting none the less and is fact not fiction. Quantity of Tweets remain the same a dozen or so maybe more when busy, 3 or 4 when it's quiet and any number in between.

Tumblr and Wordpress are still in their formative stages. Have also recently registered at Pinterest. Again this is another social media account that is in it's formative stages of development.Still deciding what to do with it?

Watch for further news

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