The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel News May 2017

The latest news and developments from The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel. What's in, what's out, what's happening behind the scenes and new styles of videos that are or will be appearing.

Update Frequency
Updates used to be 2 times a week with the update days being highly variable. After a lot of thought this has now been changed over the last couple of months with updates now reduced to once a week on a firm date which is Wednesday normally between 2-4 pm UK Time. This may be later in the day if there are issues with uploading the video. Again if there are Bank Holidays or unforeseen issues, the update may be on a Thursday as a result. Quality over quantity is the aim of The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel and reducing the update to once a week ensures a better produced and better researched and more in depth video. Increasingly more complex topics are being tackled beyond the normal average videos you see on You Tube and this ensures that the main website is not affected in update terms.

Video Lengths/Duration
Video length or duration used to be up to a maximum of 40 or so minutes but recently some experimenting has been done with extra long videos which are a minimum of 1 hour and up to 1 and a half hours in length. If the subject matter is more complex or requires more time to explain then these longer videos will appear or they may come as a Part 1 and Part 2. BUT most videos will be around the 30-40 minute in length time which seems to be the sweet spot for videos which are concerned with Bible Prophecy.

As the comments seem to have improved and are more frequent in recent months, any comments that are added will be checked within 24-48 hours so your comment if approved should appear quicker than it did in the past. I still don't respond to comments direct but see details of the NEW video format below.

NEW Q and A and Video Response
Another new experimental type of video was released in two parts about 3 weeks ago and they seem to be getting some sort of interest. These videos are video responses from myself in the form of a Q and A session responding to comments that are being received on videos at The Twelve Gates You Tube channel. The quality of the comments seems to be picking up recently and a lot are not that easy to respond to and require some research to give a decent answer. So these new Q and A Video Response Style videos are an attempt to answer comments that need answering and mean I can reply in my own time instead of having to answer in say 24 hours or so. These videos as stated earlier are experimental and may have a couple of news items thrown in the mix as well. Update frequency is variable depending on how many comments are coming in but at present about every 4-6 weeks seems about right at present. These video responses will feature limited Bible quotes are these are just myself responding to comments. The two experimental videos are Q and A Video Response 1 and Q and A Video Response 2.

NEW Prophecy Maps in Videos
The most recent Bible Prophecy videos have been primarily focused on scripture via the Xiphos Bible Software which seems to be a winning formula which will not be changed, but the software does have the ability to display Biblical maps as well, so these will be featured in a Prophecy study alongside the existing Bible verses. Other maps may be farmed in from elsewhere as well. Just adds another dimension to the video and breaks up the wall of text so it appeals to a wider audience. Photos of Biblical locations may also appear in future videos. The latest video "Map of Locations Mentioned in Revelation" is an example of the possible look of some but not all future videos. I find adding maps to the Bible verses really makes the scripture pop and it sinks in much stronger when you know where the actual location is. Not all of us live in the Middle East?

More in depth and complex topics with a Neutral bias
Most people on You Tube I am aware watch hundreds if not thousands of videos that cover the subject of Bible Prophecy. There must be hundreds of thousands of videos out there, some are good, many are not so good. The aim of this channel is to go into more depth than most and cover more complex topics but with a Neutral Bias which means no pushing of ideologies, opinions and views or agendas at the expense of arriving at the truth according to scripture, which is the main concern of this channel.

Bible Prophecy in the News
These Bible Prophecy News Videos were mentioned in the previous news update bu have as yet to materialise, something that is in the pipeline and being chewed over, these will be shorter in length probably between 3 and 10 minutes going into detail on the latest developments that fulfil Bible Prophecy popping up in the latest news headlines. Still on the drawing board but a couple of experimental videos will be appearing in the near future. These will appear as and when so could be once a week or once a month depending on what headlines are in the news.

The Twelve Gates You Tube Channel will always be trying out new things in connection with Bible Prophecy, trying out new formats, new styles but essentially it is all about Bible Prophecy and finding the truth via scripture. If the videos get interest they are continued, if they do not then obviously they will not.

The focus on this You Tube Channel will always be the Book of Revelation and books that cross refer to it such as Matthew 24 and from the Old Testament the Book of Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and not forgetting Isaiah.


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