The Orwellian Cashless society is getting closer? My personal experience!

The 100% total cashless society is getting closer everyday and is nearer than we think. We live in a constantly monitored world with CCTV cameras, electronic payments, internet browsing snooping, phone habits analysed, emails scrutinised, even your TV can listen to what you are saying in your own home......everything is monitored in one shape or form. The cashless society is another move towards that Orwellian Big Brother or New World Order (NWO) scenario and  the fulfilment of the 2030 Agenda. The cashless society is an important one.

This article is with a UK bias and is personal in nature. I mostly
write or tweet about End Times things going on around the world, but it has to be said my life is business as far. BUT because I was affected by the changes that happened and it intruded into my life on that day., you could say it was a wake up call and a call to action to write this article and have my say on the matter.

As a result of a recent visit to both a Sainsburys and Tesco in Central London  (not Canary Wharf by the way) recently using the self service checkouts, you know the one's (Thank you for using Sainsburys Self Checkout) normally are either cash or card or other options, but you normally have options. Some are cash only and some are card only. The other day it was noted all the Self Service checkouts tills had been changed to these new ones which are Card Payments only. No option for cash whatsoever. They were smaller, slimmer and it has to be said slicker looking. This was Sainsburys . Tried Tesco a couple of doors down, the same thing there as well with just one machine taking cash, the other had broken down. It had a number of people waiting for this machine with everybody in line looking a bit sheepish, including loads of school kids. I tagged on the end. This wasn't a one of occurrence, same thing the following day. Strangely the new shiny card only machines had one user in 5 minutes, the one that did use it looked a bit baffled?!

At Sainsburys the store I go to in Central London which has the new card machines has no machines taking cash you have to pay at the normal manned checkout. No big deal but again not many people using the card machines and a long wait at the normal checkout. What gives?

If you live in London London Transport has made all London buses cashless, they only take Oyster or Contactless payment card. No facility for cash whatsoever. Most people think it's a good thing, it speeds up the journey no end but cards monitor your every move. Cameras on the bus monitor your every move also. I personally couldn't care less, I cycle everywhere in London......gave up on public transport years ago!

Have you noticed McDonalds in London, have started fitting those big touchscreen "Order Here" terminals where you tap in your order and pay. BUT guess what, they only accept cashless or electronic payment. At present you still have a choice to go to the counter and pay by cash and card but what is there to stop them taking cash insisting on cashless payment just like London Transport?? This got me thinking

Some say it's no bad thing, surveillance makes things more secure, makes us feel more secure?? and the cashless society saves time messing around with change, carrying bulky wallets with notes and pockets full of change. Card is more convenient and is less fiddly with no counting out of money involved. Insert card...tap...tap..tap and job done. You can even get cash back at some stores. The latest contactless payment cards you don't even have to tap anything. I think it's more convenient for the stores though.

That's the plus side. The minus side is whilst going through this cash only process in this store, I felt marginalised and a bit primitive paying by cash. Not only that the card tills were mostly empty and were taking up a vast amount of space. I don't know about you, if I pop into Tesco's and buy a pint of milk and some other items that come to say £1.50, I pay cash and don't bother with the card otherwise it becomes tedious keeping track of what you're spending.

I think what I went through here is a sign of things to come. What happens in Central London gets rolled out to Greater London then it goes nationwide. What I experienced on that day along with other Londoners is a sign of what will be happening in the not too distant future at stores, restaurants, transport, hotels, fast food outlets etc. That's the feeling I distinctly got. Self Service cash machines require coins of varying denominations and a till roll and of course cash counting and collection. Cashless tills, it's till roll only and that's it. Less work, less to go wrong. Eventually they will have signs saying Cards Only. No Cash Accepted at the front of the store just like London Transport, like the Buses do now in London. I think Tesco's, Sainsburys and other supermarkets have this one planned and it's coming sooner than we think.

A lot of people will say "and about time too" but many
1. Would like to have some warning that stores are moving in this direction instead of having it imposed upon them without notice
2. Would like to have a choice whether to pay by cash or card
3. Personally I Prefer the anonymous nature of cash for smaller items and use the card for cash withdrawals and larger items. I think I'm not alone in this view

Once a society has gone cashless, those who insist on still paying by cash I think would be marginalised just as myself that day along with others in Sainsburys and Tesco. The card payment system would rule and those who adopt the system get preferential treatment, those who do not get sidelined, get given strange looks and eventually Cash would be scrapped altogether as a form of payment.

Why the concern? Cashless is fast and convenient and hip. That's the big selling point. BUT card payments are electronic and monitor who you are, where you are, what you've bought and how much you have spent. Cash on the other hand is anonymous, the product, time and amount are still there but you don't know who bought those items. You've got to ask yourself where does that data go when you pay by card. Bank and store for certain, but where else, we don't know do we? Data Protection Act.......yeah right?

My conclusion on that day was that the wild and wacky "New World Order" that the Conspiracy Theorists keep mentioning and which strangely enough is also mentioned in The Book of Revelations in The Bible, is getting closer as we speak, it's getting pretty real. It's not happening dramatically, it's happening in a creeping manner.

Once a society has gone cashless via card it wouldn't take long for the next change to be implemented and that is the RFID or Biometric Payment System which is making headway over in the States. Card would then go the same way as cash, people who prefer card would be marginalised and forced to wait at one machine whilst 20 new shiny slick machines with RFID or Biometric scanning capabilities would give users the preferential treatment.

The point that I'm trying to  make here is this, our modern day society is becoming increasingly intrusive and invasive into our daily private lives and we don't seem to have much say in changes or freedom of choice any more. The options these days seems to be, take this option or if not, that's fine but you will become a marginalised member of society and eventually you'll have to take it anyway whether you like it or not, because we are going to introduce it anyway. As we all know nobody wants to be marginalised, so you adopt the new system, the status quo and the people implementing their system have achieved their objective. The way I see it, it's just another nail in the coffin for personal freedoms.

You could say the same thing happened with snail mail and email but we still have snail mail, the choice is still there. I don't think this will happen with cash. The cashless society is one such system that is heading our way that we do not seem to have much say about. Cash, yes it is bulky, fiddly, time consuming BUT it has no PIN Number to remember and is very liquid. It's not secure but the big plus is in the modern day system of payments it's anonymous. Cash is invisible in the system, anonymous with a Capital A, it's just numbers with no personal data, and the way this world is heading, the powers that be don't want that any more. That's the impression I got on that day.

Just like surfing on the internet your every move is being watched, monitored and adverts tailored to your browsing habits.We live in a cookie world. The cashless society is just another pillar inserted into society, tracking your every move, cash cookies you could call them, watching where you go, how much you spend, what you buy, where and when. I think adverts at the machines are on their way tailored to your movements, spending habits and location, just like the web.

With the removal of anonymous cash from the system another civil freedom is being eroded and the New World Order or 2030 Agenda is creeping into our lives as we speak with an Orwellian precision and what's frightening is, most people are not even aware anything is going on or don't even care, they just see the convenience. I see the moves in this order end of cash, cashless card, cashless RFID or Biometrics then One Global Currency.

As the End Times Truth website stated on a recent article.

The foundation for the Mark of the Beast is being laid even as you read these words. The precursor to the seven-headed ten-horned empire that will spawn the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast is actually busy developing the means to implement the final global economic system even before the Antichrist is revealed. And as it turns out, this early preparation is absolutely necessary.

A final note. Cashless payment systems as good as they are, have one fatal flaw, they are not real, they are a virtual currency and are electronic. Pull the plug or "lights out" and watch the results. Good old fashioned cash as in notes and coins has one definite advantage over electronic payments, they are real and if there is a power's not affected. IF we do hit the final days of The End Times and it's "lights out" and we go back to the dark ages my question is this. "What use will cashless payment systems be in this kind of scenario?"


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